Lori Pitcher, 2017

Lori Pitcher has early memories of drawing  in her notebooks during math class, science class, writing class…not necessarily during times when she was supposed to be creating art (much to the teacher’s dismay), illustrating her notes as she went along. She has continued to draw and paint pretty much on a daily basis.  It is what she loves, and who she is.  She is completely untrained in art theory, and believes that fact lends an eclectic mix to her art where shadows and perspective don’t have to follow rules. Her goal has always been to create colorful, carefree work that makes viewers feel a bit of joy when they see it. She is a busy lady holding down a few jobs, but has found drawing to be a relaxing respite nonetheless!

Her project brought colorful visuals to culinary ideas, pairing vegetable sketches with recipes throughout the summer. Her project culminated in a colored cookbook at the end of the season.