Meet the Farmers

Rising Sand Organics is a cooperative with 4 member farmers.

Oren Jakobson --- Don’t confuse his fervent gusto for fury – it’s just his way of expressing a profound passion to make his life, your life, and our world a little better. Oren grew up as a reluctant gardener. When he transferred to Lawrence University and became involved in the Sustainable Lawrence University Gardens, he realized that farming had a lot to offer. Oren is a social farmer. He is as intensely interested in growing methods as he is in talking to just about everyone about just about everything. There is a fair chance Oren will ask for your opinion about some idea that he has. This is one of the reasons you are almost as likely to run into him at another farm’s market booth as our own. Farming presents Oren with the variety of physical, social, and intellectual challenges he needs. He channels an immense amount of energy and the farm is a perfect focal point for his attention.
Polly Dalton ---- Polly’s love for food and the community it brings together stems from an overabundance of Food Network TV and kitchen freedom in her teenage years. In college, Polly found precisely the pragmatic community and food lifestyle she was seeking at the Sustainable Lawrence University Gardens. For the past 3 seasons, she has been growing veg and grafting up a storm as Field Notes Farm. Polly is willing to talk to anyone. Her ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger is a direct contradiction of every trend in social norms. At first glance Polly is relatively unassuming and non-threatening. In short order, just about everyone is a little bit happier and has a new friend! Farming provides Polly with a productive playground that is always ready for her contribution. The farm is also a story and foundation that Polly deftly integrates into the constant expansion of her social network and community work.
Leo White
Dan Dieterich
Former Members These individuals have contributed a great deal to the RSO land and organization overs the years and have moved on to pursue other (ad)ventures.
Danny Werachowski ---- Danny grew up in the heart of the central sands of Wisconsin. Like these sandy soils, he creates abundance without the need of a well-defined structure. His roots run deep in the region, but never slow down their spread and constantly seek new social connections. After graduating with an English degree from UW-Stevens Point, he found satisfaction in supporting the local food movement. An insatiable curiosity keeps him engaged in all community ventures. He takes his craft seriously, but spontaneously lets his jokester side show; the perfect person to lighten up an atmosphere and lift the spirits’ of the people. Danny’s purity of intention guides him rather than reap of rewards; he combines a naturally constant creativity with critical compassionate consideration. You can find Danny around town at many local establishments or at our Farmers market stand in Stevens Point on Saturdays.
Monica Endres ---- Hailing from the Southern slopes of our state, Monica Endres moved to Stevens Point to pursue movement - on the stage, in the studio, over oceans, down rivers, and between overwhelming rows of tall topped carrots. Energetic, social, and always willing to get her hands, face, and feet dirty, Monica is prepared for whatever challenges the field, air, or her fellow partners will throw at her. With the erratic chaos of a late-July thunderstorm, Monica lends an energy that can only be described as infectious. Like blossom end-rot, this energy makes its way down the line of her fellow compatriots, but rather than destroying, it lends life to those around her - both human and botanical. With two previous growing seasons under her belt, she’s ready to take the knowledge and energy gleaned from the ever shifting community around her, and apply it to new and broader pastures - with saw, rucksack, and tap shoes in tow.
Corrina Wilson-Rodriguez ---- Corrina Wilson-Rodriguez is diving into the world of organic farming with one season under her belt, but with the ambition and dedication of a many-seasoned grower. She hails from the southeastern part of our state and currently studies History at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. In working with the other 10 individuals that make up Rising Sand, Corrina has discovered a valuable purpose and a very deep pride in being an owner of something—something that has a positive impact on our community and environment. When she is not picking legumes at Rising Sand this season you are likely to find Corrina picking the strings of her guitar…and no matter what she’s doing, always radiating true, authentic individuality.
Logan Brice ---- Logan is a man of few words. With a calm demeanor and an ever-observing glint in his eye, he has taken the wisdom and knowledge that would normally take a millenia to obtain and internalized it in two short decades. He is the medicine man of the cooperative, favoring nights under the stars and days on the wide prairies or deep within the valleys of our great state foraging for the perfect compound to clear your head cold or calm your nerves. Always jovial, Logan has a lanky arm or two to lend no matter the project. Despite his earthbound ways, Logan has strong opinions that he knows how to back up in policy debate or casual conversation. However, Logan is also a listener. As ambitious as ever, Logan is ready to help the earth and his fellow human progress into the vibrating array of repeating tomorrows.
Fanni Bartnik ---- There's a great deal of responsibility involved in serving as the International Representative on the RSO Board of Directors, but if anyone is up to the job, it is Fanni Bartnik. Coming from Csongrad, Hungary, Fanni studied English and Hungarian Studies in Szeged, where she met her now husband, Lee, and moved to the Wisconsin. Since moving, she has radicalized- finding and exploring her passion for healthy and wholesome food, herbal healing, and gluten and sugar free baking. Fanni's natural Hungarian reservation and stoic realism are huge assets to the Coop, and she is simply a wonderful presence no matter where she may be. This first season, she hopes to spearhead the beekeeping division of RSO.
Kelly Adlington --- Reflective, Kelly observes through a critical, compassionate lens that has lead her to the honest life of a farmer. As early as high school Kelly developed a global consciousness that piloted her pursuit for environmental justice. After studying Waste Management at UWSP, she wasted no time (or anything else) leaping into our vibrant food community, finding herself in an array of leadership roles. She’s ready to make something of her own, and Rising Sand provides her with an environment to express her values with like-minded individuals—to inspire and be inspired in an endless vibration of creative play with the earth and her elements. In the social sphere, her empathetic gaze, warm smile, and bold conversation drive an exciting dialogue about how to make yourself a better person and the world a better place. Thoughtfully digesting and properly disposing her wisdom and knowledge into environmental and political action, like all of us at Rising Sand, she knows you can’t do it alone. Edgy and wholesome, she’ll provide an essential grounding element to the team encompassed behind a fiery passion for radical humanism. Kelly also works for the local nonprofit Recycling Connections, providing various services to people and organizations all over the state. You can catch her on the airwaves as host of 90FM’s radio show, The Tuning Fork, where she interviews fellow movers and shakers in and around Central Wisconsin, or pouring beer at Central Waters on the weekends. Kelly is now owner of Bucket Ruckus, Curbside Compost Service.
Dan McDowell ---- You turn from the market stand, reusable bag overflowing with beet greens and frilly carrot tops. As you head toward the parking lot, you hear the young, genuine call of, “thank you, ma’am!” You have just experienced the graceful and charismatic presence of Daniel McDowell. Hailing from the golden pastures of Iowa state, Dan is a corn and green bean lover. He is a true Midwestern gentleman who believes that our society has gotten a bit too convenient. We don’t disagree. Having studied philosophy on the East coast, Dan brings an important balancing force to the cooperative. Always ready for discussion, Daniel does not hide his beliefs and principles, but rather, lives them with every breath and pass the of the scuffle-hoe. A tractor man, it would seem his Iowan roots have not completely left his blood. But don’t let his traditional ways fool you, Dan is a key proponent of the localized, organic food movement in Central Wisconsin. Whether he’s singing a Merle Haggard tune or arranging organically grown flowers, this family man is sure to bring a humble smile to your face and a contented warmth to your veggie-filled belly.
Asher Maliepaard - Asher is now owner of Bucket Ruckus, Curbside Compost Service.