Steph Jones & Adam Unger, 2018

Established as an artist team since 2013, after meeting at a joyous festival.   We discovered that our skills and philosophies were complimentary, and have a good time working as a team.  We practice Urban Permaculture in our pollinator sanctuary, enjoy camping, canoeing, foraging and wildcrafting.  Adam’s background is in welding, leather working, wild fibers, pet portraits and earth building, while I have been involved in Public Sculpture, murals, ceramics, recycled art, concrete, and my latest passion, fashion. We have since been fortunate to be involved in some pretty neat projects around the community.  Spring 2014, we worked in conjunction with the Audubon Society and Stevens Point Sculpture park to create Rapunzel’s Tower, a chimney swift bird habitat. That fall we created two welded benches for Downtown Stevens Point.  CAP services and MREA Energy Fair grounds have cob earthen benches we created with the help of the community. 

“Wearable Sculpture Performance Art: Musical Tootable Fruit and Veg Parade “