Weekly Plan 3-16-19

Saturday 3/16, high of 32 low of 13 with partly cloudy skies.
The compost team will be having their weekly meeting in the morning, following the weekly member meeting.

Sunday 3/17, high of 35 low of 18 with partly cloudy skies.
Articles for the “RSO Occasionally” due and in the folder in drive. Plant all onions and shallots in the Farmshed Greenhouse. Shovel out the side of C3 hoop house in order to easily take off the plastic.

Monday 3/18, high of 37 low of 20 with mostly cloudy skies.
Lee, Danny, Oren, Kelly, Asher, Monica and Corrina will remove the hoop house plastic on C3 at the Oak Road location. They will also begin disassembling the frame of the hoop house itself.

Tuesday 3/19, high of 43 low of 26 with partly cloudy skies.
Danny and Corrina will contact local crossfit gyms for CSA outreach, setting up meetings with the owners in person. They will also drop of postcards at Mission coffeehouse. Oren will coordinate continued hoop house disassembly.

Wednesday 3/20, high of 46 low of 25 and mostly sunny.
Continued hoop house disassembly.

Thursday 3/21, high of 48 low of 28 and some clouds.
Kelly will coordinate and complete the weekly Curbside Compost Pick-up run. Oren will coordinate continued hoop house disassembly.

Friday 3/22, high of 50 low of 24 and sunny.
Corrina will have market signs created, as well as a sheet of expectations for workshare participants for the upcoming season. The group will continue to disassemble hoop houses.

Saturday 3/23, high of 52 low of 29 and sunny.
Weekly team meeting at 8:30 AM at the IDEA Center.

Miscellaneous Tasks:
Polly will contact Compass Chiropractic for CSA outreach. Lee will reach out to Adventure 212 and drop off promo postcards. Danny will take postcards to PABS and Falcon One Stop in Amherst, as they will be CSA drop sites. Kelly will coordinate continued washing of trays, specifically 50’s, 24’s, and 144’s. The team will complete their scheduled watering and germination chamber commitments at the Farmshed greenhouse.