Weekly Plan 3-23-19

Saturday 3/23 high of 49 low of 28 with sunny skies.
The compost team will hold their weekly meeting at 9:30 in the morning. Danny will make a Facebook post about our weekly meetings, and Polly will fill out the Appleton Market application. Lee and Danny will take the truck to Bartnik Trucking Incorporated for an oil change, air filter change, and general tune up. They will also pick up a twenty foot trailer in order to move hoops from Oak to RSO.

Sunday 3/24, high of 45 and low of 16 with cloudy skies. Daily coordinator: Polly.
Logan will bring the battery charger to Church Street in order to charge the battery for the Ray. Logan and Danny will wash 50 cell trays for upcoming week, as well as arrange tables at the Farmshed greenhouse. Logan will turn on and briefly run equipment at RSO. Every member will finish their articles for the RSO Occasionally newsletter.

Monday 3/25, high of 39 low of 19 with mostly sunny skies. Daily coordinator: Lee.
Lee, Asher, and Logan will move hoops from Oak to RSO in the morning. Lee will change the battery in the Ray and return the trailer to Bartnik Trucking Incorporated. Continued work at Oak including taking down the wood at the end of the old hoop house plots and cutting the sleds for easy transport to RSO. Logan, Kelly, and Danny will reach out personally for CSA recruitment.

Tuesday 3/26, high of 45 low of 31 with partial clouds. Daily coordinator: Danny.
In the morning Kelly, Corrina, Asher, Danny, and Logan will seed Concept Lettuce, Prize Choi, and Green Onions in the greenhouse. We will organize our seed for ease of seeding, and in the afternoon Kelly, Asher, and Danny will continue hoop house deconstruction and moving at Oak Road.

Wednesday 3/27, high of 51 low of 43 with cloudy skies. Daily coordinator: Danny.
Fanni, Danny, Logan, and Asher will meet in the greenhouse to wash trays and seed peppers. In the afternoon, Danny and Asher will head to Oak to move last of the hoop houses to RSO. Polly will be attending Portage County Prosperity event in the evening.

Thursday 3/28, high of 58 low of 39 with showers likely. Daily coordinator: Oren.
Kelly and Susanna will run the weekly compost route. Kelly will then pick up a member of RSO on her way to Whitefeather to help dump and clean buckets. Asher, Danny, Logan, Kelly, and Oren will compost apples from RSO cooler, clean the cooler, garbage, and look at prospective hoop house citing at RSO. Oren will complete personal CSA outreach commitments.

Friday 3/29, high of 47 low of 27 with showers likely. Daily coordinator: Oren.
Kelly, Danny, Oren, Logan, and Polly will continue hoop house citing and construction at RSO, as well as cleaning of the cooler and wash/pack shed. The group will also carefully rake straw off the garlic.

Saturday 3/30, high of 39 low of 23 with mostly cloudy skies. Daily coordinator: Logan.
Entire group will meet at the IDEA center at 8:30 AM for our weekly meeting with a finance meeting to follow at 9:30 AM.

Miscellaneous Tasks:
Fill gas tanks, turn on tractors, tillers, and vans. Change battery for the Ray. Change the oil in the truck. Polly will buy baking soda for cleaning at RSO. Lee or Polly will buy colored tape for labeling equipment. The group will free up frozen hoses near the end of the week. Polly will research plastic clamshell for greens, as well as fill out the Appleton Market application. The group will take and post six good pictures of people and plants. Corrina will have market signs completed as well as a sheet of expectations for the workshares. Group will fill out and reach out to personal contacts in regard to CSA outreach.