Weekly Plan 3-9-19

Saturday March 9th, high of 37 low of 24, snow and wind expected. The compost team will be meeting in the morning for a weekly meeting. Corrina, Kelly, and Monica will meet at the Farmshed Greenhouse to inventory and clean trays in preparation for planting. Danny will check the germination rates on the “germination test” seeds in order to see the viability of previous year’s seeds. Kelly will create a google folder in the “Rising Sand Organics” drive for all members to contribute to the RSO Occasionally Newsletter. Finally, Polly will order our bio-dynamic calendar in preparation for seeding.

Sunday March 10th, high of 34 low of 13 with snow expected.
Kelly will move the wash bin from the Upstream Cider house to the Farmshed Greenhouse in preparation for seeding next week. Kelly and Polly will deliver the remaining pies Polly baked to CSA members for signing up early.

Monday March 11th, high of 27 low of 13 with partly cloudy skies.
Logan and Lee will fix the main barn door so it can open and close. On his way into town, Lee will grab the hoses and vermiculite from granary east and bring them to the Greenhouse. Danny will finish data entry for last year’s planting and harvest logs. Finally, Oren will update the “farm seeks artist” page at risingsand.com.

Tuesday March 12th, high of 34 low of 28 with rain expected.
Logan and Oren will order the remainder of seeds needed for this season.

Wednesday March 13th, high of 41 low of 37, ice and rain throughout the day.
Danny and Logan will shovel out the side of “C3” Hoophouse at the Oak Road location. Danny will reinforce the germination chamber at the Farmshed Greenhouse in prep for seeding.

Thursday March 14th, high of 45 low of 25 with rain expected.
Polly will print the greenhouse binder, and the marketing team will have their weekly meeting at 6 PM at the IDEA Center.

Friday March 15th, high of 30 low of 11 and cloudy.
Seeding begins in the Farmshed greenhouse.

Saturday March 16th, high of 31 low of 11 and sunny.
We will have our weekly meeting at 8:30 AM at the IDEA Center, with a Financial team meeting to follow. Continued seeding at the greenhouse.

Miscellaneous Tasks:
Lee will talk to the Stevens Point Area Co-op about a possible drop site. Oren and Logan will talk to Gordy about the possible use of his tapping equipment, and then begin tapping and cooking syrup with the help of Monica. The team will bring extra buckets not ideal for compost to the greenhouse, and will also work on their assigned pieces for the RSO Occassionally newsletter to be drafted by Friday, March 15th. Logan will grab the thermometer for the germination chamber from the wellhouse, and Danny will transfer the recipes from google drive onto the RSO website.