Weekly Plan 4-20-19

Saturday, April 20th high of 63, low of 42 with sunny skies.
The group will go to the greenhouse to plant hemp and transplant tomatoes. One person will make a soil run. After planting, we will head to the farm and prep beds and plant peas, as well as plastic 2B3 and 2C3. Louie B’s album release party in the evening.

Sunday, April 21st high of 73, low of 47 with partly cloudy skies.
Lee and possibly others will head out to the farm on Sunday morning for continued bed prep and broadforking. The compost and soil working team will come up with a plan or retrieving compost from Bouressa Family Farm. Brainstorm wording for “lunch share” outreach. Corrina will make a second market sign.

Monday, April 22nd (Earth Day) high of 60, low of 35 with a chance of thunderstorms.
Plant out green onions at RSO. Continued broadforking and bed prep at RSO. The rest of the hoses will get pulled and hung in granary east. Possible pie delivery to CSA members. Corrina will be tabling at the DUC at UWSP. Danny will be at the ADRC Earth Day celebration tabling as well.

Tuesday, April 23rd high of 60, low of 35 with showers.
Seed Magenta and Jericho lettuce in the morning, as well as green onions. Possible field planting of Clatonia greens. Continued bed prep and soil work at RSO. Begin construction on 2C3 endwalls. Lee will work on the books, and pursue a dump truck quote from the New London area for compost run. Logan will work on pig and chicken plan, and pursue soil test at UWSP for last year’s compost. Logan and Kelly will brainstorm how to get compost here ASAP. Kelly will be put onto the RSO bank account, and Logan will be taken off. Oren will reach out to the University of Minnesota in regard to compost soil test, and possibly order Hsu’s compost depending on deliverability.

Wednesday, April 24th high of 63 low of 44 and sunny.
Continued bed prep and broadforking at RSO. Complete anchors for 2C3. Remulch the garlic. Corrina and Monica will table at the DUC 12-4 PM. Corrina will compose a staggered schedule for workshares. Polly, as this week’s “weekly writer”, will publish short piece for the website.

Thursday, April 25th high of 62, low of 40 with showers expected.
Oren and one other person will order the remainder of the seed. Oren will request a base acre transfer from the neighbors, as well as continue work on the gator. Kelly will send out garbage/recycling email to the group, fix the mirror on the truck, and work on a bucket cleaning plan for possible on-farm bucket cleaning. Continued bed prep and soil work at RSO. Raise plastic on 2B3 and 2C3 weather permitting.

Friday, April 26th high of 61, low of 38 with partly cloudy skies.
Fanni’s baby will be born. We will seed beets in trays at the green house. Seed carrots at RSO, and plant out green onions. Move trailer and clean out IBC’s onto compost pile. Continued soil working. Big clean up at Oak, as well as digging up trees in order to plant at RSO. Raise plastic on 2B3 and 2C3 weather permitting. Kelly will clarify Jack’s plan for waste disposal and ensure he is okay with our work arrangement.

Saturday, April 27th high of 55, low of 38 with partly cloudy skies.
Weekly meeting at the IDEA Center at 8:30 AM, followed by finance meeting. Continued soil work and planting.

Pay Tony for composting.
Hardening off green onions at Farmshed courtyard.
BCS and Horse repair.
Get compost to RSO.
Order potting soil for green house.