Rising Sand Organics Incorporated as a Cooperative

We are excited to announce that Rising Sand Organics has been incorporated as a Cooperative per the Wisconsin Ch. 185 state statues!

We are owned and operated by 11 members, including all six members of 2017’s Field Notes Farm Crew. After having farmed independently for these first years, we have been actively questioning the structures of ownership and management, and searching for a model that fits more closely with our personal values regarding work and relationships.

First things first, what was once Field Notes (the people, the place) has now become Rising Sand Organics Cooperative Farm (Rising Sand Organics or RSO, for short). After having an intense name-generating session, we have decided on Rising Sand to ground us in our location in Custer, WI, while giving rise to imagery of social transformation, and participation in a larger, more profound movement beyond the production and sale of vegetables. The transition to cooperative management has accompanied slight geographical change, as we’ve moved our headquarters to 35 acres just down the road from the current 2-acre location. Having a larger growing space will increase our collective capacity, and allow for individual members to pursue their personal agricultural and social passions.

As Rising Sand Organics, we intend to foster bountiful life on our newly acquired 35 acres, while exemplifying cooperative management values, fostering healthful relationships, and engaging productively with the surrounding community. The transition is very much due to our collective ambivalence towards current management structures, which inherently take advantage of the labor of individuals for the benefit of the organization. Rather than exploit, we intend to expand and empower. Farm owners and community members will be encouraged to engage in their passions and areas of interest, to learn and lead in a productive, explorative and educational environment.

Ultimately, we are exploring whether a group of individuals can be successful in cooperative ownership, and our hope is to provide a template for similarly-minded businesses wishing to make comparable transitions.

We are more than happy to share further information on our transition to cooperative management, so contact us with questions! Also, we intend to maintain close connection with interested people, through a podcast and blog focused around the farm, so stay posted for those.

Ultimately, we intend to keep producing awesome and wholesome vegetables, and having a blast while doing it. Explore our site for information regarding our CSA, different ways to be involved, our production planning and more information about the new Cooperative Farm.

Be well, friends; we appreciate your continued support.