Farm Seeks Artist

“We, at Rising Sand Organics, are seeking to exchange a CSA share of produce for the creative works of local artists.”

The 2020 season artist have been chosen! Stay tuned to see their creations.

See the work of past art shares here.

Each year, we put posters around town and make a few Facebook posts seeking the proposals of local artists. We believe that — Art is awesome!  –and– Artists serve a critical role depicting the human experience in our community. (just like farmers)

So, we look for an artist to join us for each growing season, producing art that gives our members a new way to experience their farm, vegetables, and Community Supported Agriculture experience. We are open to most any medium, performance, sculpture, experience, composition, etc. The hope is that they are inspired by some aspect of the farm, the land, the food, and the community, and we allow them to go about their creative process following that inspiration.
In exchange, we provide the artist with a CSA share full of delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs and all other privileges associated with being a member of our CSA Program.

The works are promoted first and foremost to our CSA members. We also share via our social media community and here on the WorldWideWeb. We want to support their continued work as artists and make it a point to continue to follow and support them work after the season with us. Frequently, we get in touch about other projects where we need their skills. Kelly Krill (artist, 2016) created our new Rising Sand Organics logo!

2019 Artists
Jenna Ziebarth – “A Rare and Dying Thing” Camera Dance.
Leo White –  “Scare Vulture” – a scare crow sculpture
Thrown, Fired and Glazed – Bowls for farm crew lunch
Julia Blair  – RSO Silk screen.

2018 Artists
Jennifer Dolan – “The interwoven fabric of farmer and consumer: Functional art pieces (baskets, hats, possibly rugs) woven of scrap materials”
Steph Jones & Adam Unger –  “Wearable Sculpture Performance Art: Musical Tootable Fruit and Veg Parade “